Top infrastructure provider now supports Acala’s KSM Liquid Staking product on the Karura parachain

Acala, the decentralized finance network and liquidity hub of Polkadot is pleased to announce its partnership with Blockdaemon, a top-performing blockchain infrastructure provider, to support its newly-launched staking derivatives for Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM).

The first liquid staking products in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem, Acala’s DOT and KSM Liquid Staking represent a new class of financial products primed to compound staking liquidity and create new use cases for DeFi users, as well as DApp developers building on Acala’s blockchain. …

Stake Your KSM on Karura & Earn from 350,000 KAR in Rewards

KSM Liquid Staking has arrived — and to celebrate, Acala is kicking off a two-week liquidity mining program to reward the Karura community with 350,000 KAR. Starting on Tuesday, September 28, anyone can earn from a total of 350,000 KAR in rewards when they stake KSM for LKSM, the yield-bearing liquid KSM staking derivative, or become an LP in the new LKSM/KSM pool.

Read on to learn how you can participate in the KSM Liquid Staking Splash.

Introducing KSM Liquid Staking

Just shy of two months into its launch, Karura has delivered a layer-1 application platform optimized for DeFi, along with a suite of…

Acala’s Treasury Raises Over $61 Million, Acala EVM+ Introduces Full-Compatibility for Ethereum DApps, and kUSD Launches As First Stablecoin for Polkadot and Kusama.

With another momentous month behind us, it’s time again to take stock and express our gratitude to the incredible community supporting both Acala and Karura. In August, we celebrated the launch of kUSD Karura Dollar, the first stablecoin in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem, in addition to the introduction of liquidity provider rewards in Karura Swap.

Then the expansive ecosystem of developers learned they can now seamlessly deploy EVM-based smart contracts onto Acala EVM+ with minimal changes while utilizing familiar Ethereum tool sets like MetaMask, Truffle, and Waffle.

Finally, Acala completed its “Ready the Treasury ‘’ event, in which the…

After years of hard work and development, the Polkadot ecosystem is gearing up for the launch of numerous parachains that will set the foundation for its interoperable blockchain ecosystem. As one of the first parachains planned to go live, Acala is focused on hitting the ground running with a full service, multi-chain DeFi Hub built on Polkadot. Ensuring a successful and secure launch of Acala means integrating with key infrastructure and tooling required for rapid development and robust security of user funds.

One of the most important pieces of infrastructure to the Acala DeFi parachain is oracles, as oracles provide…

Join the exclusive network ownership event to strengthen the Acala Treasury and ensure Acala’s long-term sustainability and growth.

Registration opens for the “Build Acala: Ready the Treasury” token event at: 1:00pm UTC on Sunday, Aug 15, 2021.

Space is limited and first come, first-served with eligibility requirements outlined on Watch our latest community call below to learn more about the Treasury and how to become an Acala network owner.

Let’s Build

Build Acala: Ready the Treasury” is an exclusive network-ownership event that invites the community to strengthen the Acala Treasury, an on-chain reserve of digital tokens owned and managed by ACA holders. …

Karura Swap launches with the first trustless trading pair, Acala at EthCC, and more.

With the genesis event complete, the Acala team has been powering through the Karura launch roadmap, strategically enabling the network’s DeFi protocols and operations, including: the native KAR token distribution, cross-chain transfers for KSM from Kusama to Karura, and the launch of Karura Swap, the first decentralized exchange within the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem.

With over 57,937 accounts, 60,172 transactions, and 532 unique daily active users on Karura, it’s clear that the community is excited for the all-in-one DeFi platform, and counting down to kUSD stablecoin…

KSM/KAR Trading Is Now Live on Karura Swap.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Karura Swap and the first trustless trading pair: KSM/KAR. Get started on trading on the Karura apps.

As the first decentralized exchange in the ecosystem, Karura Swap has opened trading for the KSM/KAR pair, which currently has $3,410,992.00 in Total Value Locked thanks to Karura Swap’s “Bootstrap” mechanism.

  • Total Value Locked: $3,410,992.00
  • Initial Liquidity for KSM: 9.7k KSM
  • Initial Liquidity for KAR: 433k KAR
  • Unique liquidity contributions: 1000+
  • Opening exchange rate for KSM/KAR: 1KAR : 0.0225KSM

This is the first time KSM has been traded trustlessly on a decentralized exchange. What’s more…

The fifth Web3 Foundation grant, a HyFi partnership with Current, and 18,000+ register for Karura’s Crowdloan Event.

It’s full steam ahead for Acala and Karura, as we’re now days away from the Kurura Crowdloan and Kusama Parachain Auctions, two key events that pave the way for Karura’s launch as the first parachain on Kusama.

With Karura in view, the team has been hard at work growing the Acala ecosystem while establishing new collaborations — most notably a first-of-its-kind partnership with to deliver a hybrid finance (HyFi) integration to the banking platform’s 3 Million U.S. customers. …

Karura is the DeFi Hub of Kusama

As Karura’s Parachain Auction event draws near, we want to empower the community with the resources it needs to fully understand the scope and vision of Karura, the DeFi Hub of Kusama and sister network of Acala. With a community-driven approach to the launch and a passionate ecosystem for development, we believe Karura will pave the way for a new era of DeFi on Kusama.

TLDR: Register now and become an early supporter of Karura’s launch on Kusama by participating in the Karura Crowdloan. For every KSM locked in the crowdloan, participants will receive 12 or more KAR, the native…

With another whirlwind month in the books, the Acala team is celebrating some exciting milestones. Between Coinbase Ventures announcing its backing of Acala and Karura, to Compound awarding us with a grant to build a Starport gateway to Polkadot, Acala shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the team just launched the new Karura website and is intensely preparing for the upcoming Kusama Parachain Auction.

Here’s a look back at our achievements from March.

Acala previews cross-chain functionality at DeFi Demo Day

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